Summer Sale

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Quick Steps: How it all works...

  1. REGISTER online for a consignor number and choose a drop off appointment.
  2. HANG, TAG, and PRICE your items according to the instructions under the "Sell" section.
  3. DROP OFF items at the sale location on _______ during your drop-off appointment.
  4. PICK UP your items between 4-6pm on _______or allow your unsold items to become property of Second Hope Consignment LLC to donate and/or do with as we choose. 
  5. RECEIVE your check within 2-3 weeks after the sale.

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Mandy's Hope

Second Hope was established for various reasons with many goals. One of which is very near and dear to my heart. The logo and name spring from a wall art that was created by my late friend, Mandy.

Mandy passed away very unexpectedly in October of 2014, 3 days after giving birth to her third precious child. Since that time I have wrestled with many emotions, but I found myself wanting to do more to honor Mandy.


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The Heise Family

Second Hope Consignment LLC will be donating 10% of their profits to The _____ Family, in honor of Mandy.

In addition, Second Hope will give 70% of the profits from items that are donated to the sale, tagged and marked with the Consignor# D-HOPE, directly to The ____ family.

For more information check out their youcaring page: